We have great news about our AdSimple Content Marketing Manager that will definitely make our English-speaking clients‘ hearts beat faster. Now, the tedious translations of our CMM are history. Because as of today, you can also display and use the Content Marketing Manager in English.

Note: If you want to read this article in German, please click here!

Wherever possible, we always try to respond to the wishes and suggestions of our clients. In this case, too, clients approached us and asked for an English version of the Content Marketing Manager. Since many of our clients from non-German-speaking countries also enjoy the advantages of our Content Marketing Manager, it was obvious for us to comply with this request and offer the CMM in English. This of course now makes the navigation and selection of the appropriate channels much more pleasant and inclusive for our international clients.

Dashboard in English

By default, the Content Marketing Manager remains in German, but now you can immediately switch to English with just one click. In the following we will give you a quick overview of what is now available in English, and how you can switch from the German to the English version:

If you are logged on to AdSimple, you have access to our AdSimple-Dashboard. There you will find a list and brief descriptions of all our tools. You can access the dashboard in English by selecting the British flag symbol in the top right of the screen, which is sitting right next to the German flag symbol. Please note, that the German version is always set by default. But if you want to switch to the English version, you can simply click on the British flag.

AdSimple Dashboard

Content Marketing Manager in English

If you now click on the Content Marketing Manager in the dashboard, you will immediately land in the centrepiece of our tool. After unlocking the tool, you’re good to go. Moreover, directly in the CMM you can also switch back and forth between German and English. As soon as you select the the British flag at the top right of the screen, all instructions and explanations in our smart filter system will be displayed in English. What is more, the descriptions of the individual channels are also in English so that our non-German-speaking clients can also get an overview of the characteristics of websites and platforms available.

CMM englische Version

You don’t know our Content Marketing Manager yet?

If you really don’t know our “Manager” yet, here is a very brief introduction: You can easily use our CMM and quickly make your content public via external platforms such as online magazines, blogs or websites. After you have registered or logged in at adsimple.at, you can use our smart search system to select exactly those platforms that suit your target groups and your budget. You can either write the content yourself or have it written by our AdSimple editorial team. After selecting your preferred options, you can send us your request so we can review it. Once we have received your approval, we will publish your content on the platforms you have chosen.

What else is new?

Over the last few weeks, we have also optimised the payment procedure for our users. We are now offering the option of paying for bookings through the Content Marketing Manager directly via a link in our confirmation email. You now have various payment methods to choose from, and payment can be processed directly via your user account. Moreover, we have also integrated an order view for your user account, in which you can now see all your bookings including payment statuses. To access this view, simply click on your user name at the top right and then select “User Account” from the menu. Now you have a convenient overview of all your bookings where you can view all your previous orders as well as open payments.

If you want to know more about our Content Marketing Manager, we recommend you to read our blog post “What can our Content Marketing Manager do?” (German) and our website “Our Content Marketing Manager for your business” (German). Especially for our English-speaking clients, we have also created a PDF folder, which offers a good overview of our Content Marketing Manager.